Down South Pirate Ship
Name Down South Pirate Ship
Affiliation Down South Pirates
Numbers of Rooms

The Down South Pirate Ship is the same ship as the Moby Dick becaus the Down South Pirates leader stolen the blueprint of the Moby Dick of the Whitebeard Pirates.


It was 3:56 a.m. when K-dog a the idea to make the same ship as Whitebeard becaus he really like is ship and it's really big plus whale is the bigest animal in the sea and that their crew is like a whale "Big and noise!". So he said to is crew the plan to steal the Blueprints.

The PlanEdit

K-dog said to is crew that at 11:00 a.m. the next day to come to the Afro Bar to talk about "The Plan".

Steps of The PlanEdit

1. The Game is gonna be look out guy. So is goona say to Lil Jessica if some of Whitebeard crew is up and if their some crew member of whitebeard up Snoop Doggis gonna take care of that.

2. Afther that it's all safe that is no guards Lil Vanessa is gonna infeltrat into the secret room with K-dog for protection.

3. And after that they must go out of the ship of whitebeard "a.f.a.p./as fast as possible".

Time to build the shipEdit

It take about 1 year to build the ship.


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