At the time 1540 AOS the World Government change the name for the Warning Blue becaus of the numbers of dead people, if theirs allot of people dead why not change the name for the "Warning Blue".

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The weather is unusual on the Grand Line. The currents and weather are extremely volatile, as they can change in an instant; this includes water spouts, storms, blizzards, and other such things. Islands and the surrounding waters are the only areas where weather and currents are stabilized in a predictable manner. The reason for this is that islands on the Grand Line fall into four basic categories: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. These types of islands each have four seasons of their own, giving the Grand Line a total of 16 different seasons. This may reflect the various climates of the Blues where the currents that form the Grand Line originate.

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The Grand Line is divided by Red Line into two halves. While the first half (stretching from Reverse Mountain to the polar opposite point of the Red Line) is unnamed, the Second Half (beyond the second Red Line point to the backside of Reverse Mountain) is known as the "New World". This half has not been fully explored, save for by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, himself. This area is also where the Yonkou reign.

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