Shinu Shinu no Mi
Japanese Name: ミ死ミ死の実
English Name: Death-Death Fruit
Meaning: To die
First Appearance: Old World
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Davy Jones

The Shinu Shinu no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit, allowing the user to survive injuries that would be fatal to most, making the user a Death Human (死人間 Shi Ningen?). "Shinu" (死ぬ) is a Japanese word meaning "to die", the user being a "Dead Man". In the Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Death-Death Fruit. It was eaten by Davy Jones (aka "The Devil of the Seas"). This fruit is the most "unique" of the Paramecia type.


The Shinu Shinu no Mi is a spherical, light green/red fruit, with swirl patterns, and a stem sprouting from the top. Its overall shape and appearance closely resembles an apple.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Life is cruel, but do you fear death?... Why should cheating death be any different?!

The first and foremost strength, is that it it grants the user the unique property of "cheating" death. Due to this, the user can withstand attacks of many type, ussually demonstrated by the user's body being stabbed by a sword, gun fire, explosives, etc. surviving and healing faster then normal, regardless of their current state, but cannot survive if he is blown apart.

The major strength of this particular fruit, is also its major weakness. Davy Jones is not impervious to pain,he can be hurt like any other normal human, but one thing interesting about him is the fact that if he is stabbed/shot normally in the head or any other important part of the body, he will remain alive, but will feel pain 3 times greater then a normal person. However, Jones has a large pain tolerance, as he can quickly recovered from the damage of swords, bullets and explosives, can even continue fighting, even if one or more persons shot him in the head, foot, abdomen, etc. or with a weapon stuck in his body, and can be completely indifferent to being stabbed in the shoulder. This Devil Fruit also allows the user not only to "cheat" death, but also "understand" death. Basically, it allows the user to understand what makes people fear death, this allows him to feel and understand all the pain of those that are dying, those he deceived, bakstabbed or killed.

While the fruit allows the user to "cheat" death, it has the unique ability to "prolong" the death of others, if they are dying. Davy Jones bargains with does dying, demanding good faith from others, prolonging their death (letting them live and they can do whatever they want), while they remain indebted to him. The "survivors" (those who accept the bargain) are known (by very few) as being part of the Armada of the Damned or The Cursed Crew.

This Devil Fruit is affected by seastones that cancel the powers of all Devil Fruit users and has standard Devil Fruit weakness.

There are other abilities that the Devil fruit has, but are not known for now.


The fruit's bestowed powers, are used to withstand very powerful attacks. Davy Jones is also able to imbue them with Haoshoku Haki to "break the willpower" of the opponent, "killing" those with weak wills (those with weak wills will never regain consciousness again), Duffer calls it Bokunshoku "Haki" ("Haki" of the Color of the Tyrannical Emperor). Other usages and techniques for later.


Most techniques have simple names:

  • Chest (チェスト Chesuto?): One of Davy Jones most used technique, it allows the user to "know" what is the opponents "weakness", either it is physical or mental, by "understanding" their fear of death. It "analysis" opponents. A side effect, that can happen, is that it can also make the opponent "fear death", creating a moment of weakness. Using the Kenbunshoku Haki it can provide an "analysis" from a distance, but the most accurate is by touching the opponent.
  • Switch (スイッチ Suitchi?): The technique used by Davy Jones when someone accepts his "bargain". It allows for the user to "prolong" the death of other, "healing" all their wounds, pain and they do not die until they are killed. It can also have a reverse effect, all those that do not honor their debt to Davy Jones, receive back all their pain, wounds and die slowly and painfully.
  • Locker (ロッカー Rokkā?): Davy Jones most powerful technique, in which the range of his Bokunshoku increases to cover an entire island, where he unleashes its full power, "killing" all those with weak wills and weakening the strong willed. It is used in desperate/careful situations by Davy Jones, because it exhausts him very much, he always shown panting after using it.