Space Aroa
Space Pirates Main Ship
Japanese Name: No Kanji
Romanized Name: Can't speak japanese
English Name: n/a
Affiliations: Space Pirates
First Appearance: Page 3

The Space Aroa is a spaceship used by the Space Pirate. It can go to outer space but only for a few minutes, this is mostly used to transport. Normally, this ship is resting hidden in a cave. It is however, a small ship even for most of his crewmates. The reason is, that this ship is mostly conserved for meetings, since almost never the entire crew is together all at ones.[1]


  1. The original page for this page and changed everything was: Dreadnaught Sabre (Don Krieg's ship)
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Devil Fruit Based: Sanso Sanso No Mi | Aida Aida No Mi
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Fighting Style Based: : Blood Style
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