Ultimate Lightning Dragon is a powerful attack that was mostly used by Eleanor Miller (Amy Poehler) to destroy Madame Rouge (Hynden Walch) and Andre Leblanc (Dee Bradley Baker) in the Brotherhood of Evil saga. In the Darkness Kingdom saga, this attack is also used to destroy Lady Tremaine (Susan Blakeslee), Drizella Tremaine (Russi Taylor), and Anastasia Tremaine (Tress MacNeille). In Leroy and Stitch saga, Eleanor also used this attack to destroy Myrtle Edmonds (Liliana Mumy) Yuki, Elena (Jillian Henry), and Teresa until the four bad girls themselves was completely paralyzed by this attack and ultimately shuts down their hearts, killing them instantly. In Hood versus Evil saga, Eleanor attempts to used this powerful attack against Yogi Tate (Gregg Berger) and Augustus Miyamura (Willem Dafoe), but to no effect after Yogi and Augustus easily stopped/blocked her powerful attack by turning the lightning dragon into an ice sculpture/statue.